Peyton Creek

Peyton Creek wind project located just outside Bay City, Texas, among rice paddy fields. It was constructed on time and on budget despite intense flooding conditions and work stoppages due to tropical storm Imelda. The 164,000-foot underground electrical system collected power generated by 48 Acciona wind turbines and was stepped up at the on-site substation facilities to be transported off-project via a 2.7-mile steel monopole transmission line, all constructed by Bianchi Electric.


The Cranell wind project is located on a single ranch near Woodsboro, Texas. In addition to constructing the 11-mile wooden monopole transmission line and project supporting substation facilities, Bianchi Electric installed a complete 270,000-foot underground electrical system to collect power generated by 100 Vestas wind turbines.

Neosho Ridge

The Neosho Ridge Wind project, located in Thayer, Kansas, consists of a 7-mile transmission line, an on-site substation, and more than 600,000 feet of underground collection system supporting capacity to generate 301 megawatts of electricity via 139 Vestas wind turbines. Construction began in November 2019 and is planned to take 12 months to complete.

Spunky Creek

The Spunky Creek substation consists of two 138kV to 15kV auto transformers, high side circuit switchers, voltage regulators, and switchgear building to feed four distribution circuits located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The four underground distribution circuits included installing nine new distribution manholes through a golf course and 50,000 feet of underground distribution cable.

Las Majadas

The Las Majadas wind project is located in southern Texas amid several other IEA-constructed wind projects. Bianchi Electric supported IEA Constructors' foundation scope with conduit and grounding installation and installed a complete 495,000-foot underground collection system for 120 Vestas wind turbines.